„My hard-earned assets“

Property insurance

What and why do I insure?

I insure my property so that it grows and multiplies, undamaged by weather conditions, incidents or any situations that could disrupt it.

Why do I choose Globos Insurance?

Why do I choose Globos Insurance?

Insurance of construction facilities with associated equipment and installations protects against:

  • Fire, lightning, storm, explosion, hail, protests, demonstrations, aircraft crash
  • Theft and robbery
  • Water spills from the piping
  • Glass breakage

Additional insurance of buildings protects against:

  • Floods, torrents, excess water, water spills from the piping
  • Sliding, subsidence, landslide
  • Snow avalanches
  • Hot liquid metal spills or working fluid leaks or supplies from vessels and installations
  • Self-ignition of the stock
  • Breakage of items in a museum or exhibition

Machine insurance protects against:

  • Unforeseen failures of machines, working devices and installations within or outside the facility during regular operating conditions
  • Clumsiness and negligence of workers, as well as intentional cause of damage
  • Damage to machine parts caused during the repai r itself, as well as during the disassembly and assembly process

Insurance does not cover fatigue of materials, wear, corrosion, etc.

Theft and robbery insurance protects against:

  • Furniture, appliances, machines, tools, supplies, works of art, books, collections and valuables
  • Cash, valuables, bills of exchange, checks, shares, money in banks and transfers
  • Items of employees or other persons for which the insured is responsible under the contract

Insurance of facilities under construction

The subject of insurance may be:

  • Buildings under construction
  • Equipment intended for installation in the insured building under construction
  • Auxiliary facilities for its construction - warehouses, scaffolding, auxiliary buildings
  • Installation works and installation equipment as part of construction

Additional insurance may cover the following:

  • Facilities to be reconstructed
  • Certain construction and craft works
  • Auxiliary materials and tools, etc.

Insuring the glass against breakage

Provides for replacement and repair of damaged or broken glass in any way

Coverage includes:

  • All types of glass
  • Neon signs and signage and neon tubes
  • Cultural and historical monuments
  • Tombstones

Combined insurance of computers and other devices

Coverage includes:

  • Computers and auxiliary equipment
  • Air conditioning and energy devices
  • Installations
  • Electronic processing system

Insured cases: fire, lightning strike, explosion, storm, hail, water and water vapor, aircraft crash, protests and demonstration, mudslides and landslides, avalanches, machine breakdowns, burglaries and robberies.