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Why do I choose
Globos Insurance?

Why do I choose <br> Globos Insurance?


Quick and easy arrangement

Fill out an online request and the policy arrives in your mail, call us or stop by


Prompt payment of damages

A key factor in customer satisfaction


Excellent service

97% of our clients have rated the Globos Insurance service with the highest grade 10



Timely payment of damage in 98% cases

About Globos Insurance

About Globos Insurance Certificates

Globos is not a typical insurance company. It’s rather an insurance family that cares about you, your loved ones, your business, travel, the fruits of your fields and gardens. Our first steps were in car insurance, from which step by step the range of risks against which we insure you expanded, and our family of professional insurers grew with it. The products have been constantly improved and adapted to your needs, and we are proud to point out that we have not had any unpaid damages since 1994.

We are the only domestic private insurance company, and by purchasing its 87.5% control shares British Motors made it a mameber of its large busness family in February 2020.

As a respectable and reliable insurer for all types of non-life insurance, we are working to expand the network throughout Serbia, to be as close to you as possible.

We look forward to our cooperation!

Welcome to the Globos insurance family!