„Hit the road, with your policy on you“

Travel insurance

What and why do I insure?

I’m enthusiastic about planning my travels and I like to pack my bags and enjoy, rest and recharge my batteries, without worrying in case I need medical help, legal assistance or if my luggage is lost or damaged, because I know that my companion, a Globos insurance policy is with me.

Why do I choose Globos Insurance?

Why do I choose Globos Insurance?
  • checkmark Without borders: Wherever I travel abroad *, by any means of transport, I insure myself and my family, and when I travel on business, I also insure my associates. I can dedicate myself to relaxation, enjoyment or business tasks.
  • checkmark Tailored for me: The price of insurance depends solely on the duration of the trip, the destination and the number of people traveling.
  • checkmark On line conclusion: individual, in a group or with family
  • checkmark Covid 19: Coverage of costs of necessary medical assistance and transport
  • checkmark Simple procedure: By contacting the Coris assistance call center and stating the policy number, I will be provided the necessary assistance
* the countries where we do not provide travel insurance services are: Somalia, Western Sahara, Rwanda, Sudan, Congo, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Iraq

During the travel Globos insurance provides the following:

During the travel Globos insurance provides the following:
  • Medical assistance in case of sudden illness or accident, as well as emergency medical evacuation to the country of residence
  • Travel assistance in case of loss, delay, theft, destruction of luggage and personal documents
  • Legal assistance, if necessary due to an accident or mishap

Travel insurance covers costs incurred during the contracted insurance period, and includes assistance and insurance of belongings:

  • outpatient treatment
  • purchase of medicines and medical supplies
  • emergency transport to the nearest hospital
  • hospital treatment
  • necessary diagnostics
  • urgent surgeries due to acute illness
  • dental services in order to alleviate acute toothache
  • travel assistance services in case of loss or delay of luggage, theft or loss of documents, or accident on the road
  • legal assistance services
  • damages caused by the destruction or theft of passengers' personal belongings