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What and why do I insure?

I want to be insured in the event that my business causes damage to third parties and the property of third parties, which could be caused by my professional errors and omissions occurring while doing business.

Liability insurance (more narrowly) protects against damage due to death, bodily injury or endangered health, as well as damage and destruction of third party property

Product liability insurance protects against damage resulting from the use of the product, which causes bodily injury or damage to health, death, damage or destruction of property to third parties, users of the product, provided that the product is used in the prescribed manner in accordance with its purpose.

Professional liability insurance

  • Insurance for Designers against errors that cause damage or destruction of the insured facility in accordance with the design of the insured
  • Insurance for Administrative Receivers for damages caused to participants in the bankruptcy proceedings, arising from their scope of business
  • Insurance for Intermediaries in real estate transactions and leases, which are exclusively of a financial nature, provided they complied with the law
  • Insurance for physicians and medical personnel for damages resulting from death, bodily injury or damage to health

Why do I choose Globos Insurance?

Why do I choose Globos Insurance?